Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Star Maps

With embryal stem cells the promise is nice
But the starting potential comes at a price
With a schitzoid cell type the outcome’s unknown
And control is a myth once the seeds are sown

Programmed to pursue life their own special way
Their genetic road map may lead them astray
With no inkling of society in complex multi-cells
On injection embryal entities don’t behave very well

Like expansion in cancers, an example we know,
These anarchic cells choose their own way to grow
Completely selfish not part of the whole
Like microbes these beings are beyond our control

These blastocyst cells are not meant for repair
And random injection leads to patient despair
These cells should be quarantined, kept in a dish
In vitro culture is their only safe niche

In the dish they can help with disease and etiology
identify toxins, explain developmental biology
Help discover diagnostics and ID new bugs
Lay the groundwork for delivery of new genes and drugs

But it’s all very easy to extend forward movement
To start large trials and show statistical improvement
With marginal difference for each patient perhaps
But with IP potential for the guys with the maps

Treatment with eggs is really bizarre
But much has been spent on even one star
The sad thing is these cells are often preferred
Over adult stem cells whose dream is deferred

It is all too tempting, with the stars and their hype
“Who gives a fig if we don’t get things right?”
It will be scientific, beyond logical reproach
With automated production and a reductionist approach

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