Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Life is tidal, life is a dance
With ebb-and-flow
as we wait for our chance
To move through time
to become and to grow
To do a little more than just go with the flow.

Compelled to move forward, with no special plan
From microbe through mammal
to modern man
To where each can star in their
own separate dream
With sex a shared part of some hidden theme

Can we learn from the past? Can we take what we know
And influence the strength
of the ebb-and-flow
Can we take what is random,
can we take what is chance
Can we write our own music and dance our own dance?

Can we wake up our spore cells create our own niche
Where we re-grow like a salamander
or a teleost fish
Can we heal broken hearts,
help the blind see
Can we make ourselves whole again set ourselves free

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