Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stem Cells and Scaffolds

Doctors first used bone marrow transplants - to re-populate cells inside bone
The stem cells were matched and often donated by someone completely unknown
This sometimes led to rejection of cells,And other problems, of which we’re aware
But if the disease is genetic we must havea matched donor, which can be quite rare

But with physical injury and non-genetic disease our own stem cells are what we need
Dormant cells from our own stores are harvested, then implanted - just like a seed -
at the site of injury, where conditions are right To awaken these cells from their sleep
To regenerate tissues and blood vessels - To create tissues we wish to keep

This mimics what happens when enzymes react to injury and create a fibrin gel,
The gel stops blood loss and traps platelets, and secretes growth factors as well as
paracrine hormones, and when these are released, they induce our stem cells
                                                                              to migrate, from stores to the injury site
                                  where they’re triggered to help build blood vessels,
                                                                                  repair tissues and set things to right

In organic disease the diseased tissue and cells are what our stem cells regrow,
And because the repair window is not open for long, and because our cell numbers are low
We transplant a nano-scaffold or sponge containing the stem cells we need,
                                                                      this localises action, limits what can go wrong;
It permits the stem cells to rebuild organs which survive after the sponges
                                                                                   and niche environment have gone

The procedure is simple, you harvest the cells from your fat tissue or some other store
First fractionate this into specific stem cells, then expand them so you have more
When added to a natural framework or sponge they help endogenous progenitors
                                                                      rebuild their own tissue type
The procedure mimics nature and is simple to do
                                                                        A self-healing process not hype

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